Thursday, October 29, 2009


Check it. After effects and Illustrator based movie for animation brief on anthropomorphics.

Jelly Fish

I have this awful habit of not putting full stops PERIODS at the ends of the last sentence I write. Whenever I'm writing what ever I'm writing. I will also almost never capitalize my I sss. I have spell check but I have a feeling that counts for nothing and I verily cannott spelll. As a collective of habits this will never change and I refuse to edit posts because it is tedious and ungainly.



I have an arty header now. I think it's Ch hoice

Haaha Jeff Goldblum you rule!

Way cool

I have been far too engrossed in work the past month to bother thinking about Halloween galorium. I want to make a costume but i'm afraid i lack the time and the will. I'm thinking a human fly helmet and fuck the lower body unless i can find some giant bug to rip the wings off here on Jelly Fish Island. Those fuckers are hard to catch

Yeah! Awesome! Maybe i could do bubble wrap wings.



Weirdo squid/teddy bear thing chillin out in the clouds.

After a day of heavy lifting and thrashing the you tube entertainment my 'recommended for you' section is full of movies of smart robots that can ride bicycles and home made musical instrument demos. I'll never have to hunt for entertainment again.

Dream log: 01

Set in a dark garden, the sort which has more concrete path and retaining structure than vegetation or grass, at a ruffian city flat party. Two very mean, very drunk women, one in a pink tank and black stovepipe jeans and the other in punk leathers, square off for a fight for no discernable or memorable reason. The pink woman shouts a great deal more than the punk.

Now in super speed the fight commences. Pink woman takes an awkward but hulking punch to the stomach and vomits over the other woman's head and back who in turn flies into the crowd surrounding them and starts a giant vomit chain through the now mysteriously all female crowd.

Girls fighting and vomiting. Fun dream.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sweet as Sweedish street music
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