Thursday, December 31, 2009

New decade dreaming

New Years dreams. First i remember sitting in a dark room watching slide projections of Jeff Goldblum as a small, very TAN, sans spectacle child.

I remember Billy Davenport in my home with some kind of lame owl headdress..

and an horrific shower scene in which Bruno Stanton shaved off all the hair on his body and then proceeded to slice off masses of skin with his razor which came off in soft cracked hunks like it was candle wax.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009


...sayin. I won something super rad on trademe tonight. Look!! Isn't she beautiful!

Monday, December 21, 2009


'If only we had some dinosaurs working for us, they'd really shake up the Decepticons'

'Hmmm I'm with you Wheel-Jack. We could build robot versions of those oversized Iguanas.. If it is OK with Optimus Prime'

(Optimus Prime)

'Robot Dinosaurs might be useful. You have my authorization'

Dinobots AWESOME

Dario Argento Movie Marathon!!!!!! MUST HAPPEN

I drank with my father tonight. A bottle of red between us and it felt lovely and festive. We get along sometimes.. When he gets off the Religion horse. Then i couldn't sleep (still can't) and went and told Blain Western all the secrets of my family because he was working late at the coffee shop. He is a good sort. and we never talk much.why? It is a time for truly strange and wonderful happenings, summer.
On a weird unrelated note.. after quitting the smoke for a year to woo Kim i have started again. Don't believe i'll stop either. I want to watch some good slasher movies while she is down in the Noko Valley. She knows about this fucking blog now so i can't be seen ooo ing and ah ing over how fantastic having her in the country has been. Or the ultiRADness of Bella and Bella related friends. Hope people don't start reading the shit i write.
OOOOOOOOooooooo AAAhhhhhhhh js
Just thinkin.. Ulternative.. Ultimate Alternative, ULTRATERNATIVE HAHAHA JS


Had an excellent Halloween dream lastnight! It was a beautiful and foggy night in a cobblestone version of Wellington City. Lambton Quay was gas lamp lit and i was being chased by warewolves and Kimberly Helen Upstill was making out with Chris Futter in a Tower that was mysteriously in daylight. I remember running scared around the docks and knowing they were in the tower and stressing about why i was stressing about Kimberly pashing some hairy boat owner. Then i turned into a dog. This was definitely a sex dream.

I was given free drinks by a girl in a fancy saloon type operation, carrying beers in a hotdog and pretzel like shoulder sling and drunk forest creature people were calling her the Beer Bearer.

Just Sayin


Pretty Pictures

I'm bleeding. Fuck

There are a lot of sharp metal things in my room.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Beautiful music video of sorts. Rad dude to subscribe to. Collection of 'edgy videos' ha! Very cool

Saturday, November 28, 2009

We have these ties to the ground you see. And we know all the best shoes for wearing or not.

So I have the flu and I feel mega terrible. I'm currently at work (as a hotel receptionist) feeling like hanging myself with christmas decorations. It's dead quiet and there are a grand two checkins before midnight to look forward to. I don't ordinarilly get sick. In spite of my small frail exterior I am built very impressively on the inside. My guard comes down around Spring/Summer i supose when all life is thriving and animals and plants are commiserating, birthing and pollenising and my sinuses begin to bleed into my treachea and i refuse to take antihistamines because they're FUcking expensive. Hayfever is the devil. All romantics suffer hayfever. We have this ability to enjoy the consumption of dirt and that sets us in a terribly good state for the fever later in our humdinger existencessssss.

Monday, November 9, 2009


Have you seen the next world? Well it was made pretty clear, in the disclaimer to his wondrous ripsnorting exhibition which opened last night at DELUXE on Kent&Cambridge in Wellington, that Tom Henry HAS. 'I've Actually Seen The Next World' was a grand showcase of Tom Henry talent. Glittering Caverns, Falling Art Nouveau Cities, and a ugly of Walrus featured. Tom Henry obliged opening attendees hand screen printed posters, sangria, cheese and a plethora of vibrant prints and tees for sale.

Circuit bending

Oh my god...


New Radio VBC88.3 SUMMER Drive show with Eliot DJ Pizza King, Flora Famous, Michael Jon Freebridge DJ Metal Slug and guests prospectively. The show debuted this afternoon and was fumblingly dubbed the Monday Bang House or Tree House. In the future there will be Feature like shows, interviews with interesting strangers, banter, the odd dream profile and sweet genre equitable music. I'm sure we'll play some more sweet as DOS and arcade games on the air again as well.

Go the VBC.

Friday, November 6, 2009


Yes! I DO want to look like this!!! Immediately!

Thank you Bella

I AM NOT generally coherent.
I DO like "brests"
MY favourite childhood game WAS rock fight
MY favourite movie genre IS romantic comedy
and my name is KURT.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Haloween costume, Human Fly. Yeah!


I won a bicycle on trademe! Now i have to fucking pay for it and go pick it up for the Hutt. Damn.

Weather's good eh?

The weather was gorgeous this morning. The weather was gorgeous last night. I went for a swim in the harbor at 4am after a sweet night of bar tab for DJ-ings at San Fran with Eliot and Flora. My dip was probably under 5 minutes long, partially clothed and totally solo. It was mega cold and i can't really swim. I just floundered about in the shallows, got really scared i was going to drown alone in the sea and walked home in my wet jeans.

Happy Guy Fawkes. Suffer the sky for our pyrotechnic fascinations. The Ambos are working overtime tonight.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Love Sport - High Diving from Qoob TV on Vimeo.


Bid on these and i'll cut off your legs. Then i'll steel the boots from you. You don't need them. You have no legs.

Dream log: 02

One of my all time favorite dreams.. I have variations of this dream whenever i'm feeling especially sexually frustrated.

The particular dream consisted basically of me sitting watching tv with bella alone on opposite sides of the living room at her parents house. In the dream I walk around the house, have an allergic reaction to one of the cats, use the bathroom and find some salt in the kitchen for whatever reason but mainly i watch tv with Bella.

It's late afternoon and Bella switches on some Japanese anime porn. After about 5 minutes of porn watching I begin casually masturbating and Bella just kind of glances at me blankly and then back to the porn every now and then. Then i wake up.

Super odd and super real. Bella's family home is not hard to remember in detail and i think that's why 'brain' managed so well. Lots of cats, a ground floor localized wet dog must, animal hair, animal wet, sticky kitchen floor. Sort of like a living cartoon house. Some Warner Brothers hand drawn New York mansion overrun by children. Feels crooked. There are carpets on the walls.

I've had this dream feature several people I feel close to and it always feels bizarrely real. People i went to primary school with. Stuff like that.

Anita is class

Anita O'Day

Anita O'Day is class! Merry All Saints Day Eastern Seaboard. I day dreamed about full body rashes and flesh eating diseases at work today. I carry bags, serve drinks and park cars at a hotel. I have an awful rash on my neck now. Who knows how the mind works. There are probably a few.

I watched the Ssssyncopators play at Happy tonight for free Jazz Sunday. Wank. All i really want to listen to is Anita O'Day. Also i thought my phone might have been there.

I made plans to drink coffee and play Donkey Kong with a friend this evening. i didn't inform Eliot 'friend'. Naturally the plan fell through but i still like not having a phone.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Check it. After effects and Illustrator based movie for animation brief on anthropomorphics.

Jelly Fish

I have this awful habit of not putting full stops PERIODS at the ends of the last sentence I write. Whenever I'm writing what ever I'm writing. I will also almost never capitalize my I sss. I have spell check but I have a feeling that counts for nothing and I verily cannott spelll. As a collective of habits this will never change and I refuse to edit posts because it is tedious and ungainly.



I have an arty header now. I think it's Ch hoice

Haaha Jeff Goldblum you rule!

Way cool

I have been far too engrossed in work the past month to bother thinking about Halloween galorium. I want to make a costume but i'm afraid i lack the time and the will. I'm thinking a human fly helmet and fuck the lower body unless i can find some giant bug to rip the wings off here on Jelly Fish Island. Those fuckers are hard to catch

Yeah! Awesome! Maybe i could do bubble wrap wings.