Monday, September 27, 2010

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


God softly moved his head through
the dense cloud and asked the man with the bicycle
politely "Did you do the target today?"


Do you remember that sweet fucking cardigan Arabella? That my sister stole for my then ass hole indy dick head beardy goy asked me to kindly to 'turn over the cardigan' at Tammy's leaving party!? I hate people.

Is thas a Polarbear in your living room Flyn?


I finished at work lastnight at midnight and came home to bed and fell asleep to AQUEMIA

DUMP ed all my shit i'm a free man. I can do star jumps in my room!!!!! I have missed the sun.

'If only we had some dinosaurs working for us, they'd really shake up the Decepticons'

'Hmmm I'm with you Wheel-Jack. We could build robot versions of those oversized Iguanas.. If it is OK with Optimus Prime'

(Optimus Prime)'Robot Dinosaurs might be useful. You have my authorization