Thursday, December 31, 2009

New decade dreaming

New Years dreams. First i remember sitting in a dark room watching slide projections of Jeff Goldblum as a small, very TAN, sans spectacle child.

I remember Billy Davenport in my home with some kind of lame owl headdress..

and an horrific shower scene in which Bruno Stanton shaved off all the hair on his body and then proceeded to slice off masses of skin with his razor which came off in soft cracked hunks like it was candle wax.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009


...sayin. I won something super rad on trademe tonight. Look!! Isn't she beautiful!

Monday, December 21, 2009


'If only we had some dinosaurs working for us, they'd really shake up the Decepticons'

'Hmmm I'm with you Wheel-Jack. We could build robot versions of those oversized Iguanas.. If it is OK with Optimus Prime'

(Optimus Prime)

'Robot Dinosaurs might be useful. You have my authorization'

Dinobots AWESOME

Dario Argento Movie Marathon!!!!!! MUST HAPPEN

I drank with my father tonight. A bottle of red between us and it felt lovely and festive. We get along sometimes.. When he gets off the Religion horse. Then i couldn't sleep (still can't) and went and told Blain Western all the secrets of my family because he was working late at the coffee shop. He is a good sort. and we never talk much.why? It is a time for truly strange and wonderful happenings, summer.
On a weird unrelated note.. after quitting the smoke for a year to woo Kim i have started again. Don't believe i'll stop either. I want to watch some good slasher movies while she is down in the Noko Valley. She knows about this fucking blog now so i can't be seen ooo ing and ah ing over how fantastic having her in the country has been. Or the ultiRADness of Bella and Bella related friends. Hope people don't start reading the shit i write.
OOOOOOOOooooooo AAAhhhhhhhh js
Just thinkin.. Ulternative.. Ultimate Alternative, ULTRATERNATIVE HAHAHA JS


Had an excellent Halloween dream lastnight! It was a beautiful and foggy night in a cobblestone version of Wellington City. Lambton Quay was gas lamp lit and i was being chased by warewolves and Kimberly Helen Upstill was making out with Chris Futter in a Tower that was mysteriously in daylight. I remember running scared around the docks and knowing they were in the tower and stressing about why i was stressing about Kimberly pashing some hairy boat owner. Then i turned into a dog. This was definitely a sex dream.

I was given free drinks by a girl in a fancy saloon type operation, carrying beers in a hotdog and pretzel like shoulder sling and drunk forest creature people were calling her the Beer Bearer.

Just Sayin


Pretty Pictures

I'm bleeding. Fuck

There are a lot of sharp metal things in my room.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Beautiful music video of sorts. Rad dude to subscribe to. Collection of 'edgy videos' ha! Very cool