Monday, December 21, 2009

Dario Argento Movie Marathon!!!!!! MUST HAPPEN

I drank with my father tonight. A bottle of red between us and it felt lovely and festive. We get along sometimes.. When he gets off the Religion horse. Then i couldn't sleep (still can't) and went and told Blain Western all the secrets of my family because he was working late at the coffee shop. He is a good sort. and we never talk much.why? It is a time for truly strange and wonderful happenings, summer.
On a weird unrelated note.. after quitting the smoke for a year to woo Kim i have started again. Don't believe i'll stop either. I want to watch some good slasher movies while she is down in the Noko Valley. She knows about this fucking blog now so i can't be seen ooo ing and ah ing over how fantastic having her in the country has been. Or the ultiRADness of Bella and Bella related friends. Hope people don't start reading the shit i write.
OOOOOOOOooooooo AAAhhhhhhhh js
Just thinkin.. Ulternative.. Ultimate Alternative, ULTRATERNATIVE HAHAHA JS

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