Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dream log: 02

One of my all time favorite dreams.. I have variations of this dream whenever i'm feeling especially sexually frustrated.

The particular dream consisted basically of me sitting watching tv with bella alone on opposite sides of the living room at her parents house. In the dream I walk around the house, have an allergic reaction to one of the cats, use the bathroom and find some salt in the kitchen for whatever reason but mainly i watch tv with Bella.

It's late afternoon and Bella switches on some Japanese anime porn. After about 5 minutes of porn watching I begin casually masturbating and Bella just kind of glances at me blankly and then back to the porn every now and then. Then i wake up.

Super odd and super real. Bella's family home is not hard to remember in detail and i think that's why 'brain' managed so well. Lots of cats, a ground floor localized wet dog must, animal hair, animal wet, sticky kitchen floor. Sort of like a living cartoon house. Some Warner Brothers hand drawn New York mansion overrun by children. Feels crooked. There are carpets on the walls.

I've had this dream feature several people I feel close to and it always feels bizarrely real. People i went to primary school with. Stuff like that.

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