Saturday, November 28, 2009

We have these ties to the ground you see. And we know all the best shoes for wearing or not.

So I have the flu and I feel mega terrible. I'm currently at work (as a hotel receptionist) feeling like hanging myself with christmas decorations. It's dead quiet and there are a grand two checkins before midnight to look forward to. I don't ordinarilly get sick. In spite of my small frail exterior I am built very impressively on the inside. My guard comes down around Spring/Summer i supose when all life is thriving and animals and plants are commiserating, birthing and pollenising and my sinuses begin to bleed into my treachea and i refuse to take antihistamines because they're FUcking expensive. Hayfever is the devil. All romantics suffer hayfever. We have this ability to enjoy the consumption of dirt and that sets us in a terribly good state for the fever later in our humdinger existencessssss.

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